At Divine Destiny Services Ltd we cater for a broad range of clients including universities, SMEs, corporates, start-ups and individuals. Our photographers undertake assignments in our studio and on location, across the UK.

We aim to provide our clients with stunning images, supported by exceptional service. From the initial enquiry to the delivery of final images, our team of photographers and production co-ordinator work to exceed our clients’ expectations on every shoot. This means utilising the latest lighting techniques and thinking about colouring and grading - how we treat out images in post production. It means knowing what poses work for you and understanding how to best frame an image to a) best show off the subject and to b) make the image as useful as possible to you. We are experienced enough to capture 'that moment' during the drinks reception - we won't be loud, brash and intrusive and we most definitely won't use on-camera flash to remove all the atmosphere from the image!

We take pride in our house style as well as our fast turnaround times which ensure that we consistently deliver a class of product our clients can rely on.

Each of our photographers bring their own unique artistic vision, promoting the sharing of new ideas within the team, pushing each other to improve, inspiring each other and ultimately working as a team to be at the top of our game